XiJinPeng & LiKeQiang: An Open Letter about Corruption in China

Xi Jin Ping and Li Keng Qiang, April 20th, 2013
“US Business and Families Leaves China Due to Corruption”.
An Open Letter to the New Leaders of China
Dear Honorable Sirs,
Why do I write? I am asking that you step in and stop this corruption I see in China. I have been a guest working in your wonderful country for 14 years. It’s not easy but I felt that I would like to try. What I am sharing, I hear many others saying the same thing, and they already have left. I can only give you a few examples of how the corruption works in Yunnan Province since this is the place I work in the most, yet I hear it is a problem all over the country.
My Chinese friends tell me only you can stop this problem because “Xin1 Guan1 Shang4 ren4 San1 Bu3 Huo3” “New Leaders Can Carry Three Torches!” i.e. the new position gives you an opportunity to bring change you might not be able to do later in your service.
This corruption hurts my Chinese friends as well as foreigners. One Chinese businessman in Kunming is an old friend, and he opened a school to help poor children and families who were minorities that had migrated to the city. He had a legal contract for the land, invested millions of RMB, hired teachers. He grew up a poor minority child himself, he wanted to give back from the blessing he had come to know. The government came in and said “we are building high rise buildings here, you must move, and they gave him 5% compensation. He lost millions. The minority schooling stopped for the children. The teachers were heart broken and two of them jumped from the top of buildings killing themselves because they were so upset, they no longer wanted to live in China. One was a new mother with a baby boy she left for her husband to raise. I remember my friend weeping on my shoulder asking “why would the government people be so heartless to its own people, so greedy over land, and treating its people like dirt.”
One foreign business friend purchased a farm on Western Hills outside of Kunming and set up a “Eco-Tourist” business for Enviro- Education. Many Chinese children classrooms daily came to learn about “caring for our country” and then the government came and said, “We are breaking our contract, you must move.” 1

He lost ALL his investment of millions of RMB, sold his business and decided to move back to Singapore with his family. Again, the land has come before the people in China, the new “landlords” have become the government with dreams of reselling this property.
A Korean friend suffered the same fate. He had purchased a farm in order to grow organic food, the government took his money and his land and gave him nothing in return. His son is married to a minority Chinese girl and he has a grandchild nearby in Kunming, yet the government leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of everyone. When we seek help from the government, from attorney’s they say, “Nothing you can do, this is just the way China is, it cannot be changed, it will always be corrupted unless a miracle happens!”
Dear Leaders, it is no benefit to be rich in a corrupt China, wealthy in a polluted, degraded environment. If people have money, they will only want to send their children overseas, and then join them never to return to China.
Attached is a copy of the letter to the government of Yuxi and ChengJiang in Yunnan Province. They informed me they were breaking their contract, our workers would need to move and lose their jobs, and why? They want to break down our “Enviromental Protection Farm” and build a beach for a local 5 star resort. This resort is empty most of the time, losing millions of RMB, why?
As beautiful as they might want to make China appeal to the foreigners or local Chinese to come spend their money, who wants to come and be cheated? Already, they have brought water polluting motor boats to this lake they are suppose to be protecting. We had our minority craftman learn to build sail boats, but for what purpose now?
The foreign expert English teachers all tell me “The Chinese leaders are breaking their contracts all over China, offering us less money and more work, so why do we want to even stay and help?”
In the meetings with the government leaders, I told them I was going to write a letter to Bei Jing and they just laughed and went ahead to do as they please. Today, I heard they were proceeding to break our contract and knock the house down. They asked me to write a letter to them which I did, and they have written none back in return though I have asked them for a reply often.
So now I am writing to you asking that you do something to help stop this corruption, if you can. Real change can come from the heart with hope, yet no hope for a great future in China can be found unless something deeper happens, locally and globally among those who wish to build friendship with China.
ChengJiang Lake House 20 Year Contract between The Government of China and Timothy James.
March 8th, 2013 “The Blessed Lake Environmental Protection Farm of FuXian Lake.”

Dear Government Gentlemen, (Add Names of the Contract)
My attorney friend assures me our land contract is clear and binding for 20 years. I am so thankful to be able to be at this Lakehouse and my desire is that you leave the building intact, as well as any temporary improvements. All this is more than 50 mi from the Lake according to the document you showed me before. I ask that you please add the beach sand to the other 50 mi of land in front of our land which will place us well over the 100 mi distance from the lake waters edge. Please add extra since the lake is receding very quickly due to the serious drought.
I like the improvements you are making to the Lake in order to bring tourists to this area, yet I am very concerned about its impact on the quality of the water. I see others who have motorboats on the lake while we have simple sail boats that keep the lake “green”. Special designed composting toilets will help with the increased tourism so please let me know if I can help with models.
In spite of our contract agreement, you before offered zero compensation, yet now you ask “how much do I want”? As I said before, I hope you will honor our agreement and leave our place with a nice new beach in front as suggested. If this was you in my position, wouldn’t you wish this or yourself? Overall, you have been good neighbors so far and I wish you all the best. I am still researching the fair market value of this place base on China real estate around the lake, and a complete list of all my investment to date, including time, travel costs and labor. I am also researching on Weibo internet this issue in detail. I hope you all take my current suggestion to heart, because I want to do the right thing and continue in a good relationship. Please put your next suggestions in writing and pass to Etiene Basson, my business partner 15687920191 who is in contact with my attorney.
Warmest Regards,
Timothy A. James

中国政府和马天恩(Timothy James)云南玉溪澄江抚仙湖右所镇矣旧村村委会房20年合同
2013年3月8日 “祝福抚仙湖湖畔环境保护农场”

虽然我们的合同协议,以前您不提供任何的补偿损失费用,但是,现在您询问:“我想要多少钱?”正如以前所说,我盼望您能尊重我们的合同协议,保留我的地方,如上段所提,可以在湖水到沙滩50米这段距离留出新的、漂亮的沙滩。如果您处于我的处境,您希望这样的事情发生在您自己身上吗?总地来说,到目前为止,您一直是我的好邻舍,我祝福您拥有生命中最好的,我仍然在寻找中国抚仙湖附近好的地产,能按照我们原本合同的日期完成我的投资,这包括了我为此投入的时间、国际旅行费用和辛劳。我也在网上微博上研究探讨细节。期望您能把我目前的建议放入心中,因为我本人希望能做对的事情,同时,能持续和您保持良好的关系。如果您有任何的建议,请写下来,交给我的生意合作伙伴包先生(Etiene Basson), 他的联系电话是 15687920191,他会联系我的律师。
马天恩Timothy A. James