China’s hazardous Smog Solution 2017

By T. James.

I love China and America, and as great countries that impact all the world, and climates, you would certainly think they could solve this pollution problem among many others that effect millions of their own children and grandchildren, their future! So I humbly offer my Smog Solution 2017 free of charge out of my desire to see them blessed. If anyone choose to use this idea, this letter serves as my Global Copyright on the World Wide Net, that I am the first to propose this concept and they can compensate me accordingly.

Giant Building Sized Air Fans that Pulls the Air through Water to Filter

Imagine at least four or more Towers, North, South, East and West (Bei, Nan, Dong, Xi is Chinese) around a huge city like Beijing, like the ones you see in a room on a table next to a cigarette ashtray. The fan pulls the smoke into the unit, and in the bottom of the unit is a tray of water that traps the dirt of the smog.

Many years ago, I used to sell Rainbow vacuum cleaners, and they would not only clean your carpet, but they cleaned the air as well, pulling all the dirt into a bowl of water in the base. Fragrance could be added to the water to make the room smell fresh and clean as well! Therefore, each one of the Towers would also have a waste water treatment plant attached to it to “clean the Smog Collection Waste Water” and add a nice fresh fragrance like the night flowers I remember walking paste in my China courtyard at night. Many Chinese construction companies pride themselves in being able to construct and build apartment buildings in a few weeks! Certainly these Air Filter Towers can be built and operational in a month! Why? Its taking concepts that already exist and are proven to work, and then copying them into a more massive scale, something China already does well, they just need my

…Innovation and Insight!

In the past, (1998) I labored to go through all the “official” bureaucracy many times, with great ideas and discovered a few things. It doesn’t work. God must allow you to have an Audience with the Emperor instead! Or Mr. Trump!

One of my first jobs was working for Project TAMPEEL, (Trumbull Co. Multi-Purpose Environmental Education Laboratory) teaching 5th grade students in a Ohio Tri-County School Program, Environmental Education! It was so important, why don’t schools offer it today? China should! It was so practical. After lunchtime, we would tell the students to bring ALL the leftovers of lunch to our “Land Fill” graveyard, and we would bury all the organic waste like apple cores, and banana peels and mark it with a class gravestone, then we would bury all the non-organic matter in another pile and mark it. Since the same class comes twice a year, in 6 months we would dig up both piles to see what happened. The kids would then see “Compost” often for the first time, since they grew up in urban settings and not in the countryside. They would also see that the things in the “landfill” might still be there 100 years from now! They would yell, “That’s My candy bar wrapper!” and would begin to see the problem didn’t just “go away”. Then we taught them to separate your trash at home, one bin in the kitchen for organic (Has a lid that steps open & closed) an one for paper/plastic, also a bin for glass and another for cans. I did this in China and also now in the USA again. Few others do…so sad. I am so thankful for people like my Dad, Gordon D. James, and Norm Downing who pioneered and wrote these curriculum. Maybe some of the student are I hope. Here are a few other Solutions I have helped pioneer and explore everyone can do.

Clean ALL the Water in China for under 100USD!

Yes, I am serious. I remember growing up in Ohio, and we went to Geneva on the Lake (Erie) every year as a family to go swimming. One year we arrived, and the beach had signs all over it, “Swimming Forbidden: Mercury Poison TOXIC! DANGER” and dead fish covered the shoreline and smelled TERRIBLE. Who are the evil people who ruined my day at the beach? Who ruined the BEACH? Killed the fish, and who is trying to ultimately kill ME?

This is Environmental Genocide. Its a crime against humanity. So I wept and prayed, “God, please help us, have mercy on us…and God answered my prayer (and others I am sure), and cleaned not only Lake Erie, but all the Great Lakes AND tributaries, like the Mississippi River!

How? The Zebra Mussel. Hated by the Hydrologist and loved by everyone else. Why? God sent these small shelled clam like “mussels” on the bottom of boats from Europe through the St Lawrence Seaway as a secret gift to the USA! Because of them, now all the water in the Great Lakes are completely filtered every week, since one Zebra Mussel filters one liter of water everyday! The book, “The Late Great DEAD Lakes” is a wonderful book about this transformation. Also see Zebra Mussels: . The water went from all the fish dying, and rivers catching on fire, to scuba diving becoming a growing sport since people can now see in the water! Walleye, crappie, and perch are now returning and can even be safely eaten!

Thank God.

Why do Hydrologists hate them? They clog up pipes and water equipment, so they try to stop or limit the spread of the Mussel, but once they get started cleaning, they are unstoppable! They filter the DDT out of the water, mercury, etc, trap it in the shell, then fall to the bottom and die, trapping the waste in a concrete like grave.

I wrote a Water Proposal Paper “How to Clean ALL the Water & Lakes (DianShi) of China for under 100USD” and submitted it to the Provincial Government in 1998, and they sent an official to discuss it with me. It discussed both the pro and con of such a venture and they told me “only the President could sign off on such a project” and that was the last I heard about it. They asked, “Would it be dangerous if people ate them”? I told them if it had DDT inside, I wouldn’t recommend it., and that they world create many new jobs cleaning pipes, and they would have very clean water cheap! I tried.

A few years later, I tried to help a friend who is a Hydrologist in Colorado with a bid on cleaning another Lake that had entirely been poisoned with cyanide from a factory. We and other companies proposed different approaches, ours was a more organic one with water plants acting as the natural sponge filter. They gave the Contract to some large firm with expensive to build in China pumps so everyone could get their share of billions of RMB, and then I began seeing the plants were recommended in canals, lakes and waterways all around the city and province! Thanks a lot! This is how China does business. They told me, “We just need to be careful not to feed these plants to our pigs!” Yes, another reason I don’t eat pork!


Most roofs on the cities of China are flat, wasted space. They have solar panels and tubes to heat water, and water tanks, and little else. So I experimented with my own Roof Top Garden. Our family lived on the 7th floor (no elevator which was great exercise AND improves the memory since you don’t want to forget anything), and had access and permission to use the eight floor roof.

My neighbor had a few plants and chickens already up there so, I went the next logical step. First I put down plastic and stapled it to a wooden edge border three feet out from the wall. Then I got a large bin with a lid to keep the flies out to be my Compost bin, and added good rich compost regularly. Next I got a large water tank and added a cone rainwater catchment cone ring around the top. (Free Rain Water), yet ran a hose from the kitchen as a backup plan.

It was a great ORGANIC GARDEN. My kind neighbor also gave me his chicken manure! I gave him my extra tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, squash, lettuce, spinach, beans, green and red peppers, mint, parsley, rosemary, pumpkins, and many other good things. I would tell my wife, “Honey, I am going to the upstairs market, will be back in 10 minutes!” It was fun, and I now have a Organic Garden in the USA behind my home, but I just added a plastic winter solar GREENHOUSE for my winter garden and early spring starts for 20usd. (plastic & furring strips of lumber), also shelf s I fished out of the local dumpster. I moved my Kale plants into it before it snowed, and left a few in the snow to see which did the best!

We had two other ORGANIC FARMS in China in which we grew food for our Cafe and experimented with Moringa, (the Most Vitamin Packed Plant in the Earth) so every family on earth could have their own GNC store free in their own backyard and also a very fast growing variety of Willow Tree. I liked both of these plants because all you needed to do was break a limb off, stick it in the ground, and it would root and create another tree! Wa-la! In fact, I have turned my Yard into a Garden so I can mow it in less than 30 minutes per week, (perhaps 20 minutes this year?) and the squash give me beautiful big yellow & orange flowers all summer!

Proposals: 2017. Turning USA Housing Project Lawns into MODEL COMMUNITY ORGANIC GARDENS.

Last week, I sat down with a friend and told her about my ideas to turn every yard in the projects into peoples own gardens, and that this could fund youth teams as the garden aids, it will half the food costs to people on a budget, and the extra could open a weekly ORGANIC MARKET to sell the extra to the outside community, even Kroger! What saves more time and money? Grow your OWN local food and sell some or pay extra to bring it in from Mexico or farther?

Teams can be trained to visit every home, to do a Energy Assessment, to chalk, tape plastic on windows, and do KUB like money saving weatherproof, for a recommended donation. New solar panels and special water heater heat as needed units cut utilities in half, IF people want to make the needed changes.

Between 1959 and 1961, over 80 million people starved to death quietly and disappeared in China and the world didn’t know it till years later (see the book HUNGRY GHOSTS), so today the older people all have gardens in their courtyards, and villages, they painfully remember. This is called FOOD GENOCIDE…and what would you eat if the stores stopped bringing food to stock it? If you had no gas to get it? Many villages ate each other, and then bark on trees, and then the dirt, and then… they died. While each village had food and was even selling it overseas for a profit!

When you have Gardens, you can also raise and eat and supply our new cafe with chickens, rabbits, geese, also you can plant fruit trees, and raise bees that are seriously needed for America to recover its agricultural self sufficient, and generous organic and healthy heritage.

Too busy? Too much work? We are not immune to crisis therefore, let’s turn all our communities into MODELS for the FUTURE, our children and grandchildren deserve better.