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A New Word for a New Christmas Season of Healing.

After the Holocaust, the now famous Jewish Dr. Raphael Lemkin, needed to create a new dictionary word “Geno-cide” i.e. race-killing, in order to correctly describe a concept beyond any evil “mass murder” and horror known to man.

In counterbalance and for the same reasons, we feel the great need to create a word to describe a concept beyond most Good or “mass blessing” of people. “Geno-Cura., i.e. Race-Healing.

The great difference is that a great unspeakable evil had taken place with no word to explain it, so this word, Geno-cide was made after the fact. The opposite is true for the most part in our new term, yet it needs to be researched far more historically, that Geno-cura, is being made in faith that it will happen even more, in a global out break kind of Holy way, now and in the future.

We can think of the past and present millions of people, Jewish Holocaust by the Nazi, Armenians by Turkish Talaat, Ukranians by Stalin’s Holodomor, Chinese (50 million by Mao) see Hungry Ghosts, Cambodians by Pol Pot, and the American Indians by the immigration of Europeans and many more, see “Samantha Power’s, A Problem from Hell.” yet can we think now in terms of how have any of these people found “Race-Healing”?

In the Bible, Revelation 22.2, it says that the “Tree of Life was for the Healing of the Nations!”

I remember working in Child Protective Services, in the State of Arizona, as a Human Service Specialist III caseworker, and sometimes I would team together on cases with the Tribal Social Services on the Navajo Reservation. Our cases were terrible in the under-funded State of Arizona were even the clients knew “bus therapy” was in their best interest. This is when the best thing you can do sometimes is to purchase the family a bus ticket, and send them to a State who cares, has more funds, and can truly help them! Otherwise, the people suffer from “Social Geno-cide”, which means the entire culture emotional ignores them and they die. Merry, busy Christmas!

Many large beautiful churches in which they have invested grand amounts of money, many high paid positions too, also in the Social Services, new fleets of cars, computers, yet very little real help., so the people socially starve and die. Welcome Home….welcome to America, welcome to Social Geno-cide. It’s a Global problem, not to just pick on America. It is just more shameful to behold since more resources exist here to make a difference than in many other places.

Today is December 13, 2016, and here is a Social Genocide Quiz. As you drive about Shopping for the next 10 days, make a list of all the people you meet or even see. Here is an example:

1. Knoxville TN. Middle Age man behind Sonic pushing his backpack in a baby stroller today.

2. Knoxville, TN. Drove past Karm bridge, stopped and counted 52 homeless people…etc.

Now. Look for the Social Contradictions: The most visible place is a Liquor Store next to all 52 people, and who makes the profits from this? First, the Government gets TAX MONEY and the Liquor Store gets the sale of the cigarette and other addictive agents. Its social Rat poison and the Government lobbies protect, care feed these “gas chambers” of slow death.

The Social Services are secondary profit sources, barely funded to deal with the problem, so they become the “Concentration Death Camps” of the American Social Care System. Feeding them as they pay TAX money to the Government to slowly eat the “rat poison”, i.e. drugs, alcohol, prescription medications. The Media makes tons of Money making sure people are brainwashed to think that they can only “feel better” or have a fun or better life if they drink, drug and have fun forgetting they exist for any other purpose than to provide the funds to grease the rat poison wheels.

The Prison System of America then has become the next secondary profit Care source, the “Concentration Death Camps Hospital”. In many ways, it’s safer to stay in a Prison than to be on the street with no hope of survival. A few effective CHRISTIAN programs have begun, such as “True Purpose” yet people must be willing to be TOTALLY ISOLATED from our TOXIC society long enough to be “de-programmed” from all the legal, tax funded toxic brainwashing allowed in our culture.

Lemkin lobbied for legal changed in the International Laws on behalf of Genocide Prevention, and while they still happen globally, they are much more difficult to hide and in order for America to have any significant grassroots Social changes, they need to have a ground swell Moral Voices that will not stop , that will NEVER BE QUIET.

People need to say openly…Ban Social Genocide! Ban the Booze and Brainwash!

Ban the Social Genocide! Ban the Drugs, and Brainwash!


If America called a vote next week, I believe the RED States would all vote DRY/SMOKE FREE and even some of the BLUE STATES! Then all the Blue States left, need to have border patrol guards to keep them from exporting their toxic stuff to the others.

New laws severely restricting the amount of alcohol in any drink, and severe curbs to any media profit, especially as it relates to Sports and Television. New laws need to restrict the sale to other nations.

When I was young, Liquor could not be purchased in our city because it was a DRY CITY and we had far less problems, so all the Cities in America should become DRY CITIES, also SMOKE FREE CITIES.

EVERYONE KNOWS we would save billions of US dollars in Healthcare alone, and pay off the National Debt to China in 5 years, just on the benefits of GENO-CURA, i.e., Race-Healing of the American culture! Now ask yourself, what is the ROOT of some of America’s greatest problems? Perhaps, if that man or woman didn’t get drunk, then had immoral sex, and found out they were pregnant, then they wouldn’t be going for an abortion next?

I am PRO-ADOPTION, and anti-abortion. Planned Parenthood is just a modern-day Genocide death camp to “dispose of unwanted fetus” a secondary problem related to the ROOT problems of the American Social Genocide, to the tune of 61 million unborn babies or more documented and killed! Samantha Power, do you even mention it in your book, “A Problem from Hell? America and the Age of Genocide?” Why not?

Finally, today is December 13, 2016, and this article needs to look at the
CURRENT pending Genocide of the hour! Syria. Now that Trump is coming into
office, Russia made its Move to strike with the Assad forces East Aleppo
now, why? They are afraid to deal with a wild card like Trump, but they
know that Obama, the UN, the UK and Kerry will just not want to “rock the
boat” as they make a transition into the history books of obscurity.
Samantha Power, will you exit your position tonight by a pity party, or
will you with all your conscience before God, demand that the UN send an
immediate “rescue force” to stay the coming genocide, and to rescue the
hundreds of innocents trapped under the buildings? The selfless “White
Hat” rescue workers all say they expect to be murdered, do you believe
them? I do, unless you act NOW. OBAMA, KERRY, UK, UN, Samantha POWERS,by
God’s HELP and MERCY, use your ALL Heart Soul Mind and Strength to Rescue
East Aleppo tonight! Leave office with a Great Brave Legacy! all America
will be proud again to applaud!

May God grant our Nations His GENO_CURA before its too late.