BedTime Stories From God's Heart Book 2

Bedtime Stories From God’s Heart Book #2

“BedTime Stories from God’s Heart” by Ma Tien En, Book One of Twelve. c.
2018 This is the first Book (free) as a gift to parents, grandparents and
children in this digital format so parents can begin to plan and read WITH
their children as a habit every night. The stories are in LARGE print to
help both children AND grandparents. Each of the booklets will become more
MULTI-LINGUAL as the series develop since a GLOBAL STORYBOOK TIME for many
cultures! A few sample pages have been translated into Thai and Chinese in
this first Booklet. Small projects are included throughout that “Knit
Heart’s and Create Good Memories” and create space for Prayer and short
Memory skill work for everyone to enjoy.

BedTime Stories from God’s Heart Book #2 (Full in English)