Global Pandemic Preparedness for the Poor

by T. James c. 2021

Today I finished reading “Covid-19” by world respected specialist, Debora Mackenzie,
and she did a very good job writing it in “crash mode”. She cries out for most of
everything needed to prepare for the next and potentially serious Global Pandemics on
the horizon.

More money, more research, more preparedness funds, just to stay ahead of the next
outbreaks from around the earth. Bill Gates and his billions calling on the other
billionaires to “chip in now”, sell a few mansions off, and do something good for the rest
of the world! Yet in all the crying for funds, they forgot “How do you help the poor NOW!”

My heart is for the global poor. They need practical, life saving ideas and help now.
After reading a book a few weeks ago, it was clear Debora and other experts aren’t
talking about the things people can do now who have no funds, and have none coming in the future, due to a future, domino pending crisis. They cry watching family die.
Solution #1: Learn Ebola “Heroes”: Poor “AntiBio Mud Rooms”.

After reading a recent account of the heroes of the 2014 Ebola Crisis in Africa, it became
clear we need to humbly learn from these people. When it was just a rumor that a
serious sickness was taking lives, health workers were sent out to these dangerous places to take samples. Many of them died doing this, yet those who lived had a survival strategy and safety protocol. Since walking in the village dirt was on their shoes, or airborne on their clothes, they created their own “AntiBio Mud Room” to keep their own families safe.

My Grandfather was a Dairy Farmer in Ohio and the old farmhouse had a “mud room”,
and you entered, placed your shoes, boots, in a box, or shelf and dirty clothes in a
hamper with a lid. Some farms had mud rooms in both front and back doors.
Ebola workers took the concept much father, so that you took everything off, showered,
placed all in a washing machine with bleach added, disinfected your shoes, eyeglasses,
keys, watch, etc, setting them in a closed bag, then after completely showering, you step
into the 2nd area, put on clean slippers, shorts and a robe. Only then, after you leave that separate zone from the home area, the “mud room” you can go safely, hug your wife and family.

Therefore, Step One: Everyone take the time to create a health minded “mud room” next to the living area you call home, and begin the new habits that will save your family in the future. Be creative, but do it now and don’t wait till the next pandemic comes! Be Ready.

A Urban “mud room” will look different than a Rural “mud room” but it saved their lives.
The 2014 Ebola epidemic could have become a Global Pandemic! It was a nightmare.
Fortunately it had a few warning signs, like red eyes, fever, projectile vomiting of blood
up to six feet across a room! Often feeling better was a sign, it meant you would soon be dead.

It mutated as it went from one host to the next and became more deadly, more
aggressive, and with no cure, only ISOLATION worked, until they used an untested
vaccine and it worked, THANK GOD!

Thank God it wasn’t a tricky “sleeper” like Covid 19. Yet much more deadly viruses are waiting the chance to test humanity, like the deadly Nipah, and many others.

Solution #2: Plan (3) Three Years for the Worst, Pray for the Best!
We need to think “Beyond Toliet Paper” and “Beyond Stockpiles” back to the daily
practical basics over a two year period of Survival. One friend asked me if I have ever
taken a “Baby Wipe” Shower! Bed Pans? Interesting Concept! Yes, Practical. Soap?
Disinfectants? Bleach? At our Turkey farm we had a tray of bleach you must step in with
your boots at the door of the coop, coming and going. Ebola workers made hazmat suits out of plastic bags and rubber bands. Masks? Gloves? the stores will be out in a day if the pandemic is declared.

Fresh Water Storage: If electric is off for a Month or more, the water pressure is off, what water do you have is very important. If liquid in a glass bottle freezes, it will break, so plastic is important. Rain water? A Well and old style Pump?

ISOLATION PLAN: Can you grow your own food? Do you? Summer and Winter Garden?
How much “seed stock” do you have? Hybrid seed or Heirloom seed? Get both. Label
your plots with markers, and learn how to live Amish style.

Canned food? Vitamins? Mosquito Nets? In our ever shrinking global world, they say,
“disease anywhere is potentially soon disease everywhere”. Firewood? Electric
generator? Gasoline? Camping Propane & Stove? Matches? First Aid Kits. Candles?

Solution #3: The “Shower of Blessings Farm” Poor Man’s Model
In Asia, we had two “Environmental Training & Research Farms” and we grew organic
food for our Cafe that catered food to the International School, so we made sure our food was clean, healthy, and sustainable. It did so well over its 7 year span, the local farmers decided they wanted it and broke their long term leases taking them over. Don’t make your farm too nice, hide it well! The farms now are in ruins because they didn’t wish to work together!

We did teach hundred of students how to farm smarter, even as a poor farmer, and we
learned a lot from them as well! We taught them how to make Bee Hives, and they taught us how they made them out of “logs” so no one would steal them! Our Hives we set on the roof two floors up. In the Urban “Roof Garden” the Hives were on Floor Eight!
Geese ate all the bugs around our 70 fruit trees, and we never had a problem with pests.

They are great “Guard dogs” too. Greenhouses made out of plastic and bamboo work
and we even built a small fireplace in each out of bricks for cold weather heating. Be

The Bible ends with speaking of the “Tree of Life” for the healing of the Nations so we
know God’s heart is to bless and restore our fallen world. Seek Jesus, He will help you
now and forever.