God casts His View on the Vote 2012

Hurricane Sandy, a Curve ball thrown at the Capitol.saying “Let My People Go Free to Worship-Serve Me”.

Schools have been closed and many travel services cancelled ahead of Sandy’s arrival, yet sadly Prayer has been cancelled in American Schools and God has been kicked out since 1962, perhaps God is casting His Vote for the Issue of Home School this week among many other issues?

Barack Obama has warned Americans to take Hurricane Sandy seriously, yet perhaps America should begin to take God seriously as well. Too bad you don’t hear people saying this in the headlines, yet make no mistake, God is casting His vote early on what He thinks of America these days..”God is saying to the God forsaking leaders of America, “Let My People Go Free to Worship and Serve Me as a Nation.” Repent, really Change, each Plague will only get worst till I get My point across…God is casting His Vote.
Several states have declared emergencies, with tens of millions of people affected as schools are closed and transport services suspended. Can’t America take the hint yet? Is the timing of these events not clear enough? Does a “super storm” not get enough attention, does it need to be a “super duper, mega bad, historically unheard of Death Storm” to make His point? Its seems that God sent 10 (ten) plagues on Egypt in order to speak to Pharaoh (Exodus 10,11) Which number plague is this for the USA?

First. Water to Blood? In the 1960’s the Great Lakes died of pollution, yet God healed them in His mercy. Environmental magicians wish to take credit, yet it was only the divine fluke of the Zebra Mussel invading and cleaning the Lakes that saved the water, the fish, and the future.

Experts fear Sandy may become “only a super-storm” when it makes landfall later, yet if the leaders in Washington DC would make a public News Declaration of Repentance before all America, and the World, it can be diverted by God, they only need to declare a State of Global Emergency Repentance, saying,
“We have sinned as a Nation of American leaders, both Republican, Democrat, and any other group, we have dethroned God, so we repent and ask God to be our King and lead our Nation once more.” Please forgive us, have mercy on us Lord”. We commit before all nations to follow God’s directives, to allow Christian Prayer every morning to be said openly and with the encouragement of every teacher to lead it in schools across America once more. In fact, we want God’s Holy Word, the Bible, to be restored to every school book, to be read daily, memorized daily, and sung with joy daily. Let the law be changed now and forever showing our return to You. Oh God have Mercy and forgive us.”.

Some 2012 election rallies have been called off, with Mr Obama warning affected citizens to hunker down. This sounds like what Pharaoh advised people to do with the second plague of “Frogs”, yes, “hunker down” and let it pass, yet in its path the “land was made foul” from all the aftermath of dead frogs all over the land. How foul will the storm leave our land unless they repent asap? (Ex.8.14).

Which number plague is this one? “Let My people Go, that they might serve Me.” (Ex.8.20). So far the News says 11 people died due to this storm, yet the true count is at least 129 when you count at least 67 lives in the Caribbean, including 51 in Haiti. God is counting and each plague gets worse as the prior ones are ignored. Remember the earthquake in Washington DC? Others? I do…I voted early…have you?